About Me – 我是誰?

Hello!  My name is Charles Chang and this blog is meant to address certain misconceptions that people may have about Lee Chi Wai, his martial arts school and his associates in the Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu Federation (CCKSF).

Why am I doing this?  I have been training in traditional Chinese martial arts under Lee Chi Wai (my Sifu or Master) for close to 15 years.  Over that period of time, I have gotten to know him and his wife very well.  They in turn have helped me through some tough transitions in life.  Some of those transitions kept me away from my training and as a result, I still struggle with the person that I am today versus the person I wish I could be.  That’s not to say that I am unhappy – I am simply struggling, like everyone else in the world.  There have been times when he’s been disappointed in me; there have been times when I disagreed with his decisions.  But through it all, he has supported me, respected my opinions and have always accepted me like family.  In short, I consider Lee Chi Wai a true friend who I am not ashamed to publicly stand behind.