Qigung – 氣功

Qigung is the concept of cultivating the “life” energy that flows through the body as explained by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It’s purpose is to eliminate deficiencies or improve upon our health and abilities by adjusting the balance of energy in the body. There are many exercises related to cultivating qi depending on what results are desired:

– General Health Maintenance
– Specific Health Issues and Ailments
– Mental Health and Acuity
– Increasing physical power and strength
– Increasing flexibility
– Developing “psychic abilities”**

Qigung training is a very complex area of study as not only are there varied approaches to obtaining the same results; outcomes and sensations can vary depending on the practitioner and how the exercises are performed.

Since the desired outcome is obtained by adjusting one’s “qi”, it is highly advised that any qigung training is done under the guidance of a trained Master who can monitor your progress and alter your routine as required. The process of practicing qigung can be analogous to chemistry where too much of one exercise, although beneficial, may cause a deficiency else where or result in another undesireable side effect.

**Disclaimer – As much as I wish there to be, I myself have never witnessed any paranormal activities generated from the direct practice of qigung. By this, I mean abilities such as clairvoyance, psychokinesis, teleportation, astral projection, ghosts, non-descript entities, etc. I have, however, had a persistent cough that lasted for 5 months which was resolved by a qigung breathing exercise that was done for 1 hour a day for an entire month. I’ve also witnessed the many results of qigung training as it relates to “Iron” training in martial arts which can be partially explained through modern science.

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Charles Chang
Chung Wah Kung Fu International System
Acting General Manager