Are we done yet?… Maybe not?

By | August 25, 2018

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this page.

After all, the court ruled in our favor in the defamation case and since then, many (if not all) of the videos and defamatory sites have come down.
Is there really any purpose in keeping this site up anymore?

Apparently, the answer is “Yes” but this time from an unlikely source.

Allow me to be explicit regarding the purpose of this site…

This site is owned and paid for by me – Charles Chang – and the information that I’ve posted about Master Lee on this site are factual. There are no sales pitches, products to purchase or services promoted – simply information for clarification. As the original defamation attacks were very much borderless in their methodology and target audience, I consider this response and this forum to be equally borderless for an international audience.

Although there is a lengthy diatribe somewhere in all this, I have neither the time nor energy.
I’ve amended the Health section to accommodate and trust that a certain “someone” will find this satisfactory.

Look, I’m a reasonable guy – always open to talk when asked nicely (maybe even over some bubble tea). Just don’t try and threaten me into censorship of the truth.