Lee Chi Wai SCAMMER True Story – In response to online defamation…

By | July 30, 2014

Beginning early 2013, a series of slander and libelous material began appearing online. Thinly disguised as a public service outing fraud and scams, the smear campaign targeting Sifu/Master Lee Chi Wai, the CCKSF and other affiliated members primarily originated from one individual who was previously associated with the CCKSF and members. Others, who are tied to this individual have also spoken in YouTube videos from behind the camera and created blogs mirroring this individual’s sentiment with said individual’s approval. In fact, many of the accusations, name calling and threats would be considered today as cyberbullying.

Although we understand where much of the anger stems from, we are saddened that this individual has chosen to selectively present parts of our history in combination with outlandish fabrications and assumptions. The methods used were anything but isolated or subtle and pretty much amounted to standing on a street corner with a megaphone airing one’s “dirty laundry”. I say “dirty laundry” because martial art schools are not like other service/consumer outlets such as stores or restaurants where you simply walk in, exchange money for goods/services and then leave. Instead, the relationship between students and a martial art school has the ability to evolve in other directions. This makes the martial art school’s organizational structure more akin to a sports team or place of employment. In fact, traditionally, the organizational structure of martial art schools has always mirrored a traditional family with a father figure, mother figure, brothers, sisters, etc. Many traditional schools continue to uphold this custom today with many individuals forming equivalent bonds of friendship. Just like any other sports team, clubs or places of employment, grievances are internal matters to be resolved internally. If matters cannot be resolved, then the relationship needs to be terminated due to differing levels of expectations. Simple as that; everybody moves on – all a little wiser.

In the old days, transgressions to this extent would have led to a manhunt and scores settled on a public Lei Tai fighting platform. Though we no longer live in antiquated times, there were still many options that we considered. Our choice to not retaliate in similar modality and handle the issue in a lawful manner was the only option which would address the defamation while still respecting the law and uphold our martial code of conduct, ethics and integrity.

The following hyperlink is a letter that has been delivered by our legal representative.

Defamation Lawsuit – 誹謗訴訟