Are we done yet?… Maybe not?

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this page. After all, the court ruled in our favor in the defamation case and since then, many (if not all) of the videos and defamatory sites have come down. Is there really any purpose in keeping this site up anymore? Apparently, the answer is “Yes” but… Read More »


Apparently, it has been “alluded” in more ways than one that I am responsible for this website and that I should be sued for the material on the site Sorry to burst your bubble, but I do not have time for this kind of nonsense. Here is an open message to the creator of… Read More »

In Appreciation of a Great Teacher

By Timothy Mrazek Master Lee Chi Wai is my Sifu. His background and expertise as a martial artist are exceptional; few can match in depth and scope and his abilities are excellent. Even after many years of study under his guidance, it is still hard to fathom his wisdom. His tireless promotion of the traditional… Read More »

We were hacked!

So oddly enough, this site was hacked last month (December 2013). I find it strange that anybody would want to hack this site and server just as a statement but non-the-less, what’s done is done. The important thing is we were able to recover the work and it’s now back up and running. We can’t… Read More »